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Connecting With Your Users

The chemistry between the designs & signage world allows for a large volume of service types. Technology defines what can be possible while good processes & automation defines how easy a good & larger offering can be achieved & managed.

Most customers don’t know what they want until they are aware of its existence, some may know what they want but don’t know how to get it. My services are geared towards allowing you to offer your customers a long service list whilst at the same time being able to easily manage them while customers have the option to self manage them.

I can help you connect with your customers with powerful online stores and offline catalogues.

The below case study showcases an example of me supporting a customer knowing what they want but not knowing how to achieve it.

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Case Study – “Finding A Way”


  • In 2012 Joan had approached me looking to get a collage made for her son’s bedroom wall, she had been asking around but nobody was able to assist her.
  • She had over 2000 images and wanted them complied and ordered in a way which it replicated a specific image. 


  • There were different collage creation tools but no single tool was able to handle my request at the time due to the sizing and number of images.
  • I managed to find a tool that was able to create the image in the second window but due to the size the tool wasn’t able to apply the required filter for Joan’s desired effect.
  • The file was 4 GB and at the time it took 45 minutes just to load in Photoshop.
  • Entering a single letter took 30 minutes to load due to the large file size.
  • To complete the project I needed to make the image blend into the base, make it vibrant and for all the individual images to remain sharp so they were easily identifiable from close but at a distance they would form the base image.
  • I planned my approach on a slimmed down copy, as there are multiple ways to add the different required effects I needed to identify the most efficient way due to the load issues with the larger size.
  • There was roughly 7 steps required to complete the project, I ran each task overnight, saved / closed the process so I could continue with other work.


  • I continued this for 7 days / nights and was able to complete the project with a very happy customer.
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Powerful Design Tool


  • Many pre-made design tools ready to go. Business cards, wedding invites, flyers, logo design tools & more!
    • Create many pre-made templates where your customers can easily edit and use


    • Italic, bold, underline, alignments, color, text background, text shadow, opacity, shadow color, Line height, font size, opacity controls and more!
    • Many pre-made text styles and layout ready to be used


    • Over 2 million royalty free images can be searched & used within the app
    • Add thousands of clip arts from library
    • Picture can be uploaded from local, url or social network such as Facebook
    • Temporarily saved uploaded files for later use
    • Picture’s opacity can be customized
    • Picture crop styles such as crop, lasso tool, heart shape, round or star shape, etc
    • Free hand drawing
    • Take a webcam snap within the app
    • Add shapes


    • You can create QR code and then add to your design


    • Drag and drop to sort layers and change layers of items
    • Layer position can be dragged to different positions
    • Layer(s) can be deleted partly or entirely
    • Scroll can be created when multiple layers exist
    • Certain buttons are used to quickly change layer’s position
    • Layer can be displayedor hided easily


    • 100% responsive and mobile friendly. You can design on any device as desktop, tablet or mobile


    • Easily create applications & templates to suit your products
    • Many purchasing options
    • Prices can be updated based on customers required print size
    • Many options to suit your requirements

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