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Please download our construction design .pdf with design codes and instructions on how to place a mixed order.

We allow for mixed orders in the below quantities:

  • x 10 purchased = 2 design limit
  • x 25 purchased = 3 design limit
  • x 50 purchased = 6 design limit
  1. Decide on the amount you’ll like to order
  2. Note down the DESIGN CODES you’ll like to purchase via the below codes (design codes in .PDF)
  3. VISIT https://flashnfunky.com/flashnfunky-store/
  4. Select one of the signs you’ll like to order, in the order notes type the codes and quantities of the signs you’ll like
  5. If you have any issues or questions feel free to email at sales@flashnfunky.com or call Charles on 0414 790 902